Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby lists and homework procrastination

Last week I felt a few flutters, the past few days this kid has been partying every time I sit or lay down. I LOVE it! I had no idea it could be so reassuring.

It's that time in the quarter when with just a few weeks to go my energy and motivation begins to fade. Add in the building excitement about this baby and my grades could be in real trouble.

For example, I left class yesterday with a French assignment to be prepared for class today as well as a big biology project which I wanted to hand in. I have had the bio project half way finished for 2 weeks. Ridiculous. Together these tasks should have taken about 3 hours so getting home at 11am I should have been well finished before J got home from work. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

So when I got home, I set up a work station and was done by 2.30 right? (the extra half hour? That was for my Lunch break, what am I am machine?)

Sadly this was not how my day shaped up at all. I completed my french assignment with minimal effort and little understanding of how it connected to the other rules and grammar we have been learning. My Biology assignment was finally emailed to my professor at about 9.30pm. And if I am totally honest, I handed it in because I was so sick of thinking about it and not because I felt as though it was at the highest standard possible or totally ready and edited.

So what did I do all day? Well, turns out the 30 minute lunch break would have been way less than accurate. I spent a lot of the day fixing and eating food, trying to keep things interesting and healthy but my hunger never seems to end. I swear this kid is having a growth spurt.

Even with the kitchen duty I have many unaccounted for hours. And that my friends is because I have started to indulge myself in online window shopping for nursery furniture. Getting a nursery ready is probably one of the things I am most looking forward to about baby preparations. I realise that once we have picked a crib and bought a crib, my browsing days will be over so I am totally loving this time of being able to lose myself in dreaming multiple nursery designs. Of course we don't know gender yet so I have to cover my bases as I dream!! ha ha

After yesterdays indulgence I must have learned my lesson right? I mean, I must have been uber productive today after school.....

Well, not quite so much. Seems the online window shopping was the gateway drug to all baby planning. Today I found the childbirth classes we need to sign up for, I began some sorting in our office, which will be transformed into our nursery, I made and ate lunch (I have been finished for about 20 minutes and I am already hungry. Seriously, kid, slow your roll in there.) And now I am starting my list of 'items we need for Baby Blocher' so we can start to budget and to know how to answer when friends ask if we want to borrow swings, jumperoos, and other things!

I admit it. Making this list is something I have been wanting to do for ages! It makes this pregnancy feel real. Because it's something a mama would do. I don't even feel too guilty about it. After all, my mediocre biology project is handed in and my french homework can wait until Sunday night right? So I feel as though my weekend can start a little early with some thoroughly enjoyable list making! Now what do we need for our little one?

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  1. i don't want to be an enabler but... yay! lists, lists, lists and projects and planning! hooray!



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