Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring :)

First official day of Spring break for me! Woo hoo!! No bikinis and beach parties for me...for pregnancy reasons and the fact that there is still some snow here in Seattle. Crazy.

I am typing this from my bed. Making the most of having zero tasks on my 'to do' list. Next week, my full week off I have a few things that I want to get done, but I am blissfully uncommitted for the net two days. There might be some scrap-booking on the cards. I am trying to get some things completed before the baby and that is one of them. Plus, if I am honest with myself, I am certainly not going to want to be scrap-booking pictures of Jeremy and I when we have cute little baby pictures to play with so it's now or never for these particular scrapbooks. I miss my friend Jana at times lie this. She and I loved together for a year and spent many a Saturday cranking ABBA and taking over the kitchen table with our scrap-booking stuff. It's not so easy to be motivated by myself!

I am also hoping to take a walk around the lake by our house if the weather holds out. There was snow close to us overnight, but it missed us. Now I am just waiting for the temp to climb a little before I head out.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Sarah - she and I will both be adding baby boys to our families in the coming months, her a couple of months before me, and we have been good/bad influences on each other in the shopping department. Women would say good, helping us get prepared for our little men, our husbands may have the opposite opinion as the piles of teeny baby shoes and cute onesies grows! ha ha! Anyway, I was having a great time until we were at the register in line to pay behind the two most annoying types of customers when all of a sudden I just had to sit down. My belly felt huge and tight and I felt kinda dizzy. I pulled it together but as soon as I got home, I dropped everything (literally, it looked like I had been taken in the rapture, my coat boots, purse, bags of shopping all pooled on the floor) and fell into bed. I just had to lay down. I elevated my feet which I think really helped and I closed my eyes. And that is where I stayed until J came home.

He snuggled with me and the boy and scolded me for pushing myself too hard and told me to stay put for a while. I guess I just need to make sure to sit every once in a while when I am on my feet for prolonged periods of time. My body is adjusting to lugging around this big belly. I am officially 21 weeks today and feeling elephant-like already. Hoping I am not going to have any more significant growth spurts in the immediate future.

Ok, a shower is calling my name pretty urgently and then I am excited for some creating...and watching the View!

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