Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scrap booking up a storm

So my first day of Spring Break project, scrap-booking my bridal showers, was a phenomenal success. I completed the whole scrap book and was able to get rid of many of the bits and pieces I had kept in case I needed to use them in that project. It felt so good to cross it off my list. I think that tomorrow might be a scrap-booking kinda day too because I'm on a roll!

In less exciting news, J came home sick from work yesterday and spent the day needing to be taken care of. Poor thing is typically male when he gets a cold but I know he is really sick because he is not one to sit still ever when he is well! I am really hoping this is not another two week flu, like the one he had over Christmas, that was awful. He has had a fever which we had hoped had broken earlier, but it looks like it might be creeping up again. I just don't want to get sick, I am still terrified about getting sick and having it be harmful to the baby. Please say a prayer of healing for J and protection for me and the babe if you think of it.

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