Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Today we woke up to sun shining through the windows, I don't think I can remember the last time that happened. I woke up all alone in our big bed, well, alone except for my giant pillow because J had slept in the spare room. We hadn't had a barney or anything, but yesterday he had come down with a fever and what he thought might be another episode of flu. Thankfully when he woke up his fever had gone, and even though he was still feeling crummy he felt like he was starting to be on the mend. He didn't want to spread any lurgy at work so he stayed and worked from home.

I called up a fellow pregnant friend to see if she was free for a walk around the lake on this glorious day. She was, and we set off! It was wonderful to feel the sun on my back. And it felt so good to be out and moving. I am hoping that the spring weather really will be more conducive to more frequent exercise. I have no desire to go to the gym, but I love to walk and I especially love to walk around my neighbourhood.

After lunch, I spent a delightful hour or two basking in the sunlight pouring through my living room window reading 'The happiest baby on the block' I have a stack of parenting books I am hoping to make my way through before our little guy shows up. We haven't chosen an allegiance to any particular method yet, but I liked what I read in this one so far.

J was feeling a little brighter this afternoon and I think the sun was beginning to taunt him so we took a trip to a local consignment store to see if there were any cribs or strollers in good condition to get an idea of second hand pricing. While we were in Ballard, we decided to walk to the locks which were hustling and bustling this afternoon! It was beautiful to be close to the water and watch the boats After a while we wandered in to the park and planted ourselves on a bench, we wished we had had a blanket and a book because it was such a great afternoon to be outside!

While I was driving home, we decided to stay out a little longer and find somewhere on the water to have Happy Hour. Even though it was early, we were both hungry! I think I can blame all the walking! We ended up at Ivar's, a local fish restaurant that is on the water and has beautiful views of the city. Delicious! The food and the afternoon itself.

After eating, I was painfully uncomfortable - I am still learning that I have to eat meals in half portions and an hour or so apart to prevent the overstuffed almost nauseous feeling - and J's cold/virus or what ever it is had caught up with him so we headed home.

I think we may both be heading towards a nap very soon. In fact I think he might already be there. All in all I don't think I could have planned a more lovely way to spend the day. Of course, I wish J wasn't feeling sick at all, but i am so glad that he was feeling well enough to spend some of it in the sunshine with me! Each spontaneous day we spend together makes me aware that change is coming to Blocherville. This little guy won't be so easy to tote around when he is outside of the womb so we are embracing every second before he arrives, while we joyfully anticipate the changes to come.

I hope that where ever you are today your Friday was fabulous too!!

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