Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to life...

This weekend was one I have been dreaming about for weeks. It was a 'normal' weekend. I felt 'normal'!

We had a lay-in on Saturday morning (we are starting to appreciate them more and more because we know our lazy Saturday mornings are coming to an end really soon!) Then we ran some errands at the mall, making the most of 'Free pretzel day' at Auntie Anne's pretzels. We spent the next hour or so in the (fairly empty) parking lot of my school with J helping me practice my parking.

Earlier in the day I had figured out a menu and shopping list for the week so after my driving lesson we went to the grocery store and got what we need for the week. Or at least what we would have needed before pregnancy. Having eaten quite a lot of the goodies we bought on Saturday evening, we actually made a second grocery run after church on Sunday!

Saturday night my friend Lindsey came over for dinner. I actually made dinner. As in, I had been browsing the internet, Pinterest to be exact for recipe inspiration and came across something that looked and sounded appealing to the degree I got the few ingredients I was missing and made it. It's been a while since that train of thought to action has happened! I will post the recipe on Wednesday but trust me it was delicious!

We went to church this morning and were invited for lunch by some new friends, so we spent the afternoon eating together and getting to know each other better before our second aforementioned grocery stop. Then it was home for homework and getting ready for the week ahead.

I am not sure the last time I have felt so well and so full of energy but I know it was pre-pregnancy. As I think back I also did all the laundry and some cleaning here and there too. It was a full weekend. Don't hear me say I wasn't exhausted when I fell into bed (keeping a fairly steady 9.30pm bedtime in our house) but it felt good to fall asleep feeling like the day had been full of more than feeling nauseous and exhausted. I am so hopeful that this is what the next few months of pregnancy will be like.

I know Jeremy is happy to have his wife back, let's face it he has been incredibly patient but I know that its been a lot for him to work full, busy days and then come home to take care of me and our house. And I feel good that I can once again be the wife and partner I want to be!

Not the most exciting post, but considering how I have been feeling, it sadly is one of the most exciting things that have happened in a while so it feels like it's worth a mention! ha ha

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