Saturday, March 17, 2012

Very Mini Baby-Moon

Taking a little revision break to make a cuppa, find some chocolate and blog before I get back to it.

I am feeling so relaxed, and a little out of school mode if I am honest. Last night Jeremy and I spent a night at a hotel about 15 miles away. We had a free night which was about to expire so we thought we would make use of it even if it meant staying fairly close to home. It is amazing how being in a different environment can make let you instantly relax. It feels as though we were gone for much longer than one night.

We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and it happened to be bright and sunny so we headed on a walk along the trails which were close to the hotel. It felt so good to stretch our legs after that long drive! Seriously though, it felt great to have the sun on our backs and the fresh air in our lungs. Seattle has forgotten that spring is supposed to be just around the corner and it has been freezing recently, and even this morning there were some snow showers, so there has been limited opportunities to get outside! After walking we headed to a British pub for some dinner, our tummies were full of fish n chips and very contented by the end of the night! Back to the hotel, where we had a complimentary pint of Hagen Daz delivered to the room, it was fabulous to eat ice cream in bed, relaxing, without having to worry about what would happen if any dripped on the covers! ha ha

This morning we went to the little British restaurant, connected to the pub we went to last night. We both had a full English breakfast complete with baked beans, fried tomatoes, toast and marmalade, and with a side of fun conversation about potential baby names :)

Then it was time to come home. Very mini baby-moon over. Back to reality!

Back to studying and revision, but so thankful for the sweet time away with my hubby.

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