Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baby Bargains and budgeting!

I know some people like to get all new things for their first baby. I always wondered if the princess within would kick into gear for me in that way, and drown out the reasonable voice of my money saving, eco-friendly self. Happily for the most part I have been fully embracing the latter two!

I have reached out to friends with kids who have offered to loan us swings and rockers which is such a blessing. There things can be vital for a few months but they can be a way bigger financial output than seems practical. My friend told me about a sale that was happening in Seattle by the 'multiple moms' group. Over 60 families with multiples get together and sell the gear, toys and clothes they are no longer using. I was excited, but slightly over-whelmed at the idea. It was early in the morning and pouring rain when I set out with my friend Anjie. I had a short list in my head of things that might be nice to find.

I was shocked by the quantity and quality of the things that were there, I wish I had researched more and gone in with a longer list, I know I could have got more fantastic deals.

As I have started to build a closet for our little man, I have noticed that lots of what is on offer is very baby-ish. I know that might sound weird, but it's a personal preference that baby boys dress like little people not just like babies. Baby girls have tons of clothe options, you would never just see a baby girl in onesies all the time, but it seems as though that's an option for boys. I also (personal preference) don't love onesies as outerwear. Actually, that might not just be a personal preference, I think that might be a British thing. But still, I wanted to get shirts and tops for our little guy to wear over onesies. And this sale had plenty, plus Anjie was amazing at spotting the shirts on the racks and we cleaned up in that department!

Just look at this!!

I also scored an automatic breast pump and a Bumbo. And I spent $150 less than the original cost of the breast pump.

Am I bragging? I might be just a little bit, but I am pretty pleased with myself, and super excited to find more sales for more bargains!

At the sale today I walked past what felt like endless tables of brightly coloured plastic toys. I stopped briefly but as I looked around I realised that I didn't want to buy any of them. This was not my princess speaking, she had her way with the Bobby pillow, there were tons of them at the sale, but just thinking about how much breast milk, spit up and who knows what else might be in those pillows gave me judders. I will be getting a new one of those.

But back to toys...

I think it is great to share toys and get them second hand. I know I could fill our home with toys and gadgets to entertain and amuse baby boy, but I believe that he just doesn't need much. The most content children I know have the fewest toys and they truly enjoy them and can play contentedly with what they have. I hope our boy will be like that. I guess, that's up to us and not bringing too many toys into our house. That will be a tough discipline for me to learn, with toys and with every other baby/child item! I guess its a good thing we have been successful with our budget to this point, now I guess it's just making a few adjustments and adding a few more categories. As much as I will want to treat (read "spoil") our baby boy to fun things I love and respect my husband and our decision to budget more. That should keep me on track.

My super bargain finds today were certainly me playing my part in keeping to our budget. Yay me!


  1. Yay for bargains. I have been good and have borrowed quite a bit of the "big stuff" from friends as well. Also have hit some sales and resale it shops and got great things!! I completely agree about onsies not being a suitable outfit lol!

  2. The only thing the baby needs is you!! Its amazing how long your hands flapping away or funny faces can entertain the child. In baby gear, we have a gym mat, a swing, couple of rattles and a few teethers - thats about all she hs and she seems happy. As for clothes, she has almost only hand me downs of a friends' daughter - which has saved us a ton of money. They outgrow everything in a month or two. So if you have friends willing to give you clothes, accept it with open arms!



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