Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jason Russell and Kony 2012

French final done. I think I did ok. I know there were some things I didn't get right because I totally blanked, but I hope that I did enough to pass with a good grade.

I have had this blog rolling around in my head for the past few days but haven't had the time to get it out until now. Over the past month, I am sure that you have heard about Kony 2012, the most recent Invisible Children campaign fronted by Jason Russell. You may even been one of the 88 million people that have watched the most recent video about the situation in Uganda, PR Congo and Sudan and the atrocities of children being kidnapped and trained to be child soldiers to fight a cause for this man, Joseph Kony.

This past weekend, after spending intensely busy weeks travelling across the country publicizing the movie and more importantly the cause, a video appeared online of Jason Russell, naked and ranting incoherently. The story came out that he had been taken into protective custody for his own safety. More and more has been made of this man's breakdown, but I am hopeful that it doesn't interfere with the message he was wanting to spread.

Whether or not you are a Christian, it is easy to see that there are forces of good and evil in the world. It is clear that Joseph Kony is an evil man, and that exposing his atrocities in order that they be stopped, and that the children affected be rescued and rehabilitated is the move of good. As believers I think that we are missing something huge if we do not open our minds to the forces of evil at work in the life of Jason Russell. I don't say this to explain away Jason's behavior. Mental illness is real, and exhaustion, fatigue, malnutrition could all also explain the state he was found in this weekend, but as a believer, aware of the forces of the evil one I can't help but think there may be much more to the situation on a spiritual level.

Jason Russell and the Invisible Children movement moved the whole world to awareness and action. Although as many other journalists pointed out to Russel during interviews this was not an unknown situation, before this most recent campaign the knowledge of Kony was not moving anyone to action. The details of the Invisible children organisation aside, the truth of the injustice and fear occurring right this moment in Africa is undeniable and unacceptable.

As believers I am challenging us to rise up in prayer for Jason Russell and his family. Prayers of protection over his mind, and his body. The enemy would love to distract our attention because evil was being threatened by the forces of good as the world began to stand up against Kony. And be prayerful about the next step you can take to aid the end of the LRA and the terror these children live every day.

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  1. My beliefs made me come to the same conclusion. He is trying to do good and you know who doesnt like that one bit!!



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