Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful discovery

A few days ago, I had a memory of buying the cutest 'Winnie the Pooh' boy outfit and tucking it away for 'some day.' It was on sale at Target years ago, even before I knew Jeremy but it was only $4.99 on sale and I just couldn't pass it up thinking that it could make a great baby shower gift in the future.

I also remember a flicker of hope in my heart that I could possibly use it for my own child one day. At the time, that idea seemed so out of the realm of possibility I tried hard to ignore it. Still, each time there was an opportunity to give the out fit away I just couldn't do it. Once Jeremy and I started trying to have a baby I had another opportunity to give the outfit away, I had a long conversation with myself about how unlikely it would be that I would ever have a baby boy who would be born in the summer time and fit into this outfit, and how I should just give it to someone who would actually be able to use it. But still, I just couldn't do it. After that I tucked away the outfit and a couple of other baby items I had accumulated in an unused closet. I wanted to pretend these items didn't hurt my feelings, or make me aware of everything I didn't have and they only way I could see to do that was to hide them away.

That was about 18 months ago, maybe longer, and I had truly forgotten about them until the other day. I don't know what triggered the memory but suddenly I set to finding them and adding them to our baby pile. It took me a little while because I couldn't remember exactly where I had put them, but after a little searching I uncovered my stash. When I pulled out the little Pooh bear outfit my heart just melted as I realised my own son will be able to wear it.

I don't know if it was a prophetic purchase, but I do know that God's timing is perfect and His plans are best.

Along with the outfit, there were some tiny socks that my friend Sarah gave me at my bridal shower. They are designed to look like little crocs, and there was also a set of Winnie the Pooh board books in a basket.

Yes, I am a Winnie the Pooh addict. My closest friends growing up, Abby and Gemma only served as enablers in this addiction as they fed their own alongside me. We were all charmed by the little bear, his friends and his words of wisdom!

I always dreamed about the nursery I would one day have in my house to bring my baby home to. Of course since my baby boy nursery ideas went into overdrive, I have been swayed my some different theme ides. I am still on the fence, but it is good to know that Winnie the Pooh will certainly have a presence there!

Last night J and I went out to dinner and to do a little baby shopping, or baby shopping browsing to be more accurate. We wanted to pick out a crib. That wasn't too scary. We found a couple that we liked and once we settle on a theme we can decide on the one that works best with that. On the way out I couldn't resist the teeniest of little sandals. Our son will wear them for about a week before he outgrows them but I don't care they were too precious to pass up, and of course they were on sale too which sealed the deal! They will go perfectly with the Pooh bear outfit...assuming I don't have a 12lb baby of course.

I can't promise that tiny baby clothes will become mundane to me anytime soon but I will try to have some restraint about how often my posts are themed around them!

But seriously, look how cute?!


  1. This post invokes lovely past memories of the wonderful excitement of being pregnant and treasuring the time yet to come! Many blessings, Chrissie and future joyful love of the newbprn wonder!

  2. I remember tucking away a couple of baby blankets in 2009, hoping that i'd some day be able to use them. i almost did give them away but convinced myself that some day our dream to have a baby would be realized. And i finally did get to use it!
    I am so glad you found those cute little things again. You must post pics of the little one wearing these! oh and the croc-socks? omg adorable!



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