Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Reality began to hit this weekend as we recognised that we had already got halfway through the pregnancy without making any real preparations in our house for the baby!

When we moved into our house we felt like there was tons of storage and space. We moved in all of our worldly possessions without much sorting or downsizing. That was fine when it was just the two of us, but over the last two and a half years of marriage we have collected a lot more "stuff" and our storage spaces suddenly seemed smaller. Our guest room became more of a junk room and our office was full to the brim with random, unorganized paperwork and more "stuff".

Now this baby is coming along and we have to put it somewhere. Because as we all know, as small as babies are, their stuff seems to take up a lot of space and can easily take over a house. And so yesterday we began to clean out all the stuff from both rooms, consolidate it and begin to transform our office into the nursery where our baby will lay their head to sleep. The nursery creating part is what I am really looking forward to but going through our years of collected "stuff" and getting rid of a lot of it is certainly not what I would call fun but I understand it is a means to a very exciting end! Here are some 'before' pictures so you understand what I we were faced with when we started. While the clutter is reduced and organised now, I will wait to post the finished office and nursery when they are fully put together.

Also worth a mention, is the newest addition to the sleep pillow! This is what our bed looks like. At first we weren't sure that we (and by we I mean, me, J and pillow) would all fit in our bed but it wasn't as bad as we expected! ha ha

And as a super cute p.s. look at this onesie our friend Anjie got for us...perfect for a number guy like J!

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  1. So fun! The putting a nursery together part - not the cleaning out/organizing part. :) Love the onesie! I've never seen one like that!



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